Venkovní sudové sauny

Cedar or Spruce Sauna?

Our Outdoor Saunas are constructed in a choice of either northern spruce or cedar wood. Both of these species of wood are extremely endurable and will last for years to come.

The differences lie in the following subtle characteristics:

Our Cedar wood is (sustainably) sourced from the Alai mountains in Central and East Asia. This type of wood is ideal for use in sauna construction due to its wonderful scent, healing properties and resilient nature. This type of sauna would be slightly more expensive than the one made of Spruce (delete)

Alternatively, our Spruce comes from North Karelia in Northern Russia. The wood exhibits a light and airy colour and contains few knots within its grain. It’s overall aesthetic therefore is clean and stylish.

No matter your choice of wood, all our saunas come with several options of shades and sizes.

Venkovní Sauny

Classical Barrel Sauna

Would you like an original piece for your garden? Barrel saunas are our most popular style. They are great even for small gardens (or any other outdoor space) and thanks to its perfect round shape, heat convects more quickly and evenly so that your sauna can be heated in 30-40 min. There are many options to choose from including partitions, glass walls and side doors .

  • 3 different parameters
  • up to 3 rooms
  • side glass wall
  • side door

Price from ££5,678 – including wood or electric heater. 

venkovní sauna Vrchlabí

Squared Saunas

These types of saunas are more flexible and can double as a storage space during the summer months if needed. Seat positions can be adjusted into two levels, allowing for more occupants. After your sauna session the space can be altered into a relaxation room. The heating system can be operated from the inside or outside of the sauna.

  • up to 3 rooms
  • side door
  • heater can be operated from either inside or outside

Price from ££5,885 – wood or electric heater included.

Oval Saunas

Oval saunas are great for big families or groups of friends. (Choose from one of 4 room layouts) .You can have up to 4 separate spaces which could be utilised as you wish – spare bedroom, storage, shed , man cave, you name it! This sauna can be easily placed into any kind of garden.

  • up to 4 rooms

Price from ££8,528 – wooden table and wood or electric heater included


Octagonal Sauna

Octagonal sauna has very similar characteristics as our square saunas. It is easily adjustable and you can operate its heater from either inside or outside of the sauna. The octagonal shape make is very easy to sit inside and lean against its comfortable walls.

  • up to 3 rooms
  • side door
  • heater can be operated from either inside or outside

Price from ££5,885 – wood or electric heater included