Cedar or Spruce?

You can choose between northern spruce or cedar wood. The spruce, our saunas are made of comes form the north of Karelia. Cedar wood is longer lasting and smells nicely. The cedar wood we are using for our saunas comes from the mountains of Altaj. The price of cedar sauna is only slightly higher. All our saunas are available in various shades.

Classical Barrel Sauna

The best choice for those who value their comfort and time. Classical barrel sauna is the oldest type of barrel saunas we offer. It is the most mobile and it is quickly heated up. It perfectly fits big and small gardens. Wood or electric heater included. Price from € 2 277 excl VAT.

Squared Saunas

Squared sauna is perfect and easy to use. If you want to make your sauna a perfect place to relax then this sauna is just perfect for you. It will allow you to adjust the relax room to a bedroom where you can relax after the sauna. In summer you can use it as a garden house, too. Wood or electric heater included. Price from € 2 441 excl VAT.

Oval Saunas

Oval sauna is the top sauna of all barrel saunas. There is enough space for the bigger family or for a bunch of friends. The table is already included in price. The sauna can be easily placed to any garden. Wood or electric heater included. Price from € 4 203 excl VAT.

Octagonal Sauna

You can place the camine in an octagonal sauna either to the corner or in the middle. This allows you to furnish and use the sauna according to your needs and visions and gives you more possibilities to use the space of the octagonal sauna efficiently. Wood or electric heater included. Price from € 2 441 excl VAT.


You can choose among seventeen different sizes, from one to four rooms. Our round saunas come in up to 3 different diameters and can hold from 1 to 10 people. Giving us the ability to offer the widest variety. We offer both electric or wood-stove heated saunas for the same price!

If you want to see our complete line of products, please take a look at our catalogue.